As an editor, I am trained to notice the little things. Those little things can be anything from whether your punctuation is correct to the colors of the sunset. I use my ability to notice life’s little details in my blog posts, and because I believe attitude is everything, I bring an attitude of gratitude to every minute of my life. I constant search for the positive angle for every situation and the solution to every problem. I perform mindfulness in my daily activities, taking the time to notice the little things.

Little Bits of Gratitude Series

At the beginning of this year, I started a series of posts that are designed to remind me and my readers to be grateful for one thing everyday. I have committed to posting one daily gratitude every single day, sharing with you the little things that make my life great. I urge you to join me and share in my journey to revolutionize happiness. Check it out here, and then join me in noticing the little things. #littlebitsofgratitude

Professional Experience

I am a telecommuting editor, writer, scrum product owner, EMT, blogger and lover of content creation. I obtained a degree in English and Spanish from Indiana University in Bloomington and then risked it all to move to Southern California, where I make my home today by the sea. My experience spans more than five markets, focusing mostly in the complex and ever-changing emergency medical services. I love to listen to other tell their stories and help craft the perfect message, then take that one content piece and disseminate it multiple places, translating it to different audiences with their own specific needs. Learn more about me.

Personal Interests

When I’m not working from my home office, I enjoy creating meals for loved ones, challenging my body through exercise, laughing with loved ones and, of course, perfecting the written word on these pages every chance I get. Some of these are my favorite activities:

    • Cooking: Check out my recipes and try one tonight,
    • Hiking: It reminds me the world is bigger than I am.
    • Zumba: Immersed in the beat and focused on the next step.
    • Yoga: My practice keeps me focused on the here and now.
    • Reading: Expanding my horizons with every turn of the page.
    • Writing: Most of us editors started by expressing our own ideas.